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Founded by Laurie C. Gaudimier, PhD Doctorate in Biomedicine from Fribourg University (Switzerland), Coalescence offers a unique stress management approach, based on the fusion of body and mind therapies. Through acknowledging the individual as a whole, Coalescence works with the science, the « bio-individuality » and the needs of each patient. Healing is considerably optimized with increased awareness, because better understanding leads to better care…

Who is Laurie C. Gaudimier ?

Motivated by a deep need to understand and heal diseases, Laurie received her PhD in Immunology in 2005. She further specialized in neurosciences and studied Neuroplasticity, our brain’s capability to learn and evolve lifelong.

Her daily Yoga and meditation practice has considerably helped her realize that all is within, and healing can only happen in a body in harmony. This approach naturally took her toward the path of Nutrition in 2013 (Institute of Integrative Nutrition diploma, 2013), then to Biofeedback and Neurofeedback (Swiss Institute for Neurofeedback and Biofeedback diploma Institut Suisse I-NFBF, 2015). Also a teacher in Basel and Geneva Universities, Laurie particularly enjoys sharing and transmitting knowledge on a creative didactical manner.

In 2015, she founded Coalescence, a private holistic practice for the body and the mind, based on self-knowledge and self-regulation.


Laurie C. Gaudimier



Biofeedback is a drug-free, computer-assisted therapy, which encourages self-awareness and physiological auto-regulation. Our autonomous nervous system relies on two main branches: an activating one (the sympathetic system) and a calming one (the parasympathetic system). Of course, both are needed for our biological balance. However, chronic stress and emotional rollercoaster pull the system towards an hyper-activated state, often leading to superficial breathing, cardiac weaknesses, digestive issues, excess sweating and hot flashes, muscle pain and many more… Such troubles are directly mirroring our psychic and emotional imbalances.

Biofeedback guides us through full awareness and subsequent regulation of our own physiology thanks to a real-time visual and/or audio feedback. In the long term, biofeedback changes our “resilience” to stress, e.g. our capability to bounce back after life overwhelming challenges.

Coalescence also works with Heart Rate Variability, a trainable state of synchrony between our cardiac and respiratory rhythms, bringing us a deep feeling of serenity and wellness.

Lastly, Coalescence uses Hematoencephalography (HEG), a modality that allows, through the sole patient’s concentration, a better vascularization of the frontal lobes involved in attention and emotional regulation.

Biofeedback and nutritional balance

We are not only “what we eat”, but “How we eat“. Nutrition counselling goes beyond food: it encompasses stress and emotion management and mindfulness teaching.

Coalescence uses Biofeedback in a specialized holistic nutrition program aiming at weight loss, craving control and overall energy level increase. Thanks to regular follow-ups, a strong focus on relaxation and mindfulness, and straightforward goals, the patient quickly develops conscious awareness of his/her imbalances and ultimately, a better self-esteem.

Other biofeedback applications

> Migraines and chronic pain
> Anxiety
> Sleeping disorders
> Asthma

> Emotional regulation
> Pre/postpartum stress
> Peak performance
> Exam preparation


Neurofeedback is a sister therapy of Biofeedback, dealing with awareness and regulation of brainwaves. During an initial evaluation session, different brain regions are measured by Electroencéphalogramme (EEG). Thanks to neuroscientific knowledge, such recordings allow to precisely highlight deficiencies such as: emotional traumas, attention and learning deficits, stress, sleeping issues, concentration troubles, confusion, depression, anxiety and obsessive-compulsive disorders.

During Neurofeedback subsequent sessions, patients learn to self-regulate through real-time audio and/or video feedback. The brain quickly understands the training via “operant conditioning” and re-educate its own dysfunctions without cognitive effort. The only task of the patient during training is to relax, and “let the brain drive”. No electrical current is administered at any point. Therefore, this therapy is safe for adults and children over 8, as well as during pregnancy.

Particularly convincing data have been recently obtained with hyperactive children and, since 2012, The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends Neurofeedback as one of the most efficient drug-free therapies for attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).

Neurofeedback applications

> Attention deficit/hyperactive disorders
> Anxiety and obsessional-compulsive syndromes
> Cognitive inefficiency (learning deficits, memory loss, concentration issues)

> Depressive states and mood swings
> Burn-out

Craniosacral therapy

Craniosacral Therapy, also known as cranial osteopathy, is a gentle manual treatment of the cranial membranes down to the spinal origin, the sacrum. It helps rebalancing the neurovegetative system and promoting the organism’s innate autoregulation capabilities. Depending on the patient’s needs, treatment might also include visceral, myofascial, lymphatic or osteoarticular techniques, always with great softness and listening of the deep tissues.

This approach suits everyone, from the newborn to the elderly and, in alternance with the other therapies proposed at Coalescence, it could respond to the specific needs of the most complex psychosomatic troubles.

Craniosacral Therapy

> Back pain
> Chronic diseases
> Postural deficits
> Sleeping issues
> Injuries

> Stress
> Migraines and temporomandibular syndromes (jaw pain)
> Colitis and plagiocephaly of the newborn
> Digestive issues


Tarifs / Prices

155 CHF

First session - Complete evaluation
Stress profile + EEG evaluation + Patient history
Duration :
90 min

125 CHF

Training session and/or treatment or coachingDuration : 60 min

125 CHF

First session - Complete evaluation
EEG evaluation + Health history with parents
Duration :
60 min

95 CHF

Training session and/or coaching
Duration : 45 min

Important informations

> Sessions cancelled less than 24 hours before the appointment are due.

> Packages are possible depending on the number of necessary training sessions (estimated after the first evaluation).

> Coalescence is accredited by ASCA ( Please check with your complementary insurance for specific coverage of Biofeedback (therapy 424) or Craniosacral Therapy (therapy 180).


“Laurie created a powerful health coaching programme for me which reached far beyond nutrition and right into everything that feeds me in my life. I felt better at work and at home, and found the work we did is still resonating today. Laurie is practical and inspiring, she walks the talk, and has creative ways to help change long held habits. I made some important changes, and, took on a new fitness challenges which was a big leap forward for me. My productivity and energy increased, and I found new ways of handling stress and the everyday juggling act of being a working Mum.“

Kirstin B., Business coach, Basel

“I appreciate Laurie’s perspective as she blends her experiences together not only as a spiritual yogi, but as a trained health coach and neuroscientist.“

Vanessa G., Life coach, Basel

“Neuroscientist, researcher, teacher, mother, dear friend, yogini, neurofeedback therapist, osteopath-in-training and the list goes on… Just when I think I am familiar with the array of tools in Laurie’s vast toolbox, she updates, innovates and integrates more into her amazing repertoire. Laurie is a rare soul who combines the scientist’s hunger to know, discern and apply with the mother’s loving devotion (and creativity!) to share her knowledge with young, old, healthy and those needing help moving back to wellness. She is the real deal, the complete package… A bridge between the white coat world of science and modalities « outside of the box »… The kind of bridge that advances the state of the art, the science, and helps everyone around her SHINE.“

TJ Jackson, Yoga teacher, USA

“J’avais été adressée au cabinet Coalescence par une thérapeute en Solvathérapie pour des douleurs chroniques, une fatigue importante, des difficultés de mémoire et de concentration liés à un sommeil non-réparateur.
Après le bilan initial, sur les conseils de Laurie nous avons commencé des séances de Biofeedback et Neurofeedback une fois par semaine. Le premier résultat visible a été l’augmentation de la concentration, j’ai pu recommencer à lire ! Alors qu’avant, je lisais une page et ne me souvenais plus de son contenu en arrivant à la fin.
Rapidement, mon temps de concentration ainsi que la qualité de celle-ci est passé de 5’ à plus d’une heure me permettant ainsi d’effectuer 3 activités différentes comme lire, compter et écrire simultanément.
La fatigue bien que toujours présente a beaucoup diminué et les résultats de la polysomnographie de contrôle montrent que les paramètres du sommeil sont complètement redevenus normaux. Les douleurs chroniques sont toujours présentes, mais grâce aux exercices de cohérence cardiaque j’ai appris à prendre conscience de chaque tension musculaire et je parviens maintenant par des exercices de Pilates à les relâcher.
Cette première expérience de Neurofeedback et Biofeedback a été très bénéfique pour moi et le soutien, le professionnalisme et l’écoute empathique de Laurie ont également contribué à mon « mieux être ».
Merci donc pour tout ça.“

Sandrine G., Genève

“Adressée pour d’importants problèmes d’insomnie, j’ai suivi le programme que propose Coalescence pendant 4 mois à raison de 2 fois par semaine. Les résultats n’ont pas été immédiats, il a fallu de la patience au début mais à partir du moment où le décrochage s’opère, la progression se voit à chaque séance et j’ai ressenti le calme regagner du terrain sur cette densité nerveuse perpétuelle. Le sommeil est revenu reprendre la place qui me permet à présent de me régénérer pendant la nuit et la respiration en accord avec le rythme cardiaque est devenue une référence qui me sert tout au long de la journée. Je vous recommande cette méthode naturelle qui crée des références sur lesquelles il est possible de s’appuyer toute sa vie.“

Sybille D., Genève

“Déjà faire la connaissance de Laurie était une chance. En fait, je cherchais une ostéopathe. Et Laurie de me dire qu’elle n’était qu’au début de sa formation en ostéopathie, qu’elle pouvait m’aider d’une autre manière. Autant pour sa compétence de saisir les chances de la vie et son côté commercial.
Je suis aujourd’hui à plus de 15 séances de neuro-feedback. Ce que Laurie a pu faire avec mon cerveau, c’est absolument génial ! J’ai une très nette augmentation de ma capacité de rester serein, de pouvoir calmer « les ondes » qui s’excitent parfois dans ma tête. En même temps, j’ai ma créativité à un niveau inconnu de ma vie antérieur. Ce qui est un facteur clé dans ma nouvelle orientation professionnelle.
Laurie sait créer une atmosphère de bienveillance, de bien-être et j’apprécie particulièrement son ouverture vis-à-vis de nouveaux outils – j’adore être son cobaye. Elle explique de manière très compréhensive et simple ce qu’elle fait et me met ainsi parfaitement à l’aise. La confiance est primordial pour laisser quelqu’un toucher votre cerveau, n’est-ce pas !
De surcroît, de part son approche holistique et son attitude fort positive vis-à-vis de la vie, elle m’accompagne de manière fort précieuse dans plusieurs domaines de ma vie.
Merci à la chance d’avoir fait en sorte que nos chemins se soient croisés. J’en sort fortement enrichi … et ne suis pas prêt d’arrêter les séances avec elle !“

Rudolf K., Genève

“Neurofeedback and the active brain exercises Dr. Laurie Gaudimier has developed for S. (age 9) has significantly helped him in many ways. It has made him calmer, and able to sit in a class with more ease and independence. It has also helped in his communication as he is now able to converse with a little more relevance and thought; and thus conversations are less repetitive and sometimes spontaneous and funny. Homework is not dreadful; and now he is prepared to attend play dates and parties. The inflexible child is now able to easily adapt when changes are made in his schedule, only after a few protests. These are significant milestones that have made life enjoyable for the family.
Given the various therapies we have undergone in the last years, I am truly amazed at how astonishingly quick the improvements have come only after 10 sessions with neurofeedback, and how effortlessly it has been for S. It is one of the best interventions we have done for our child.
S. likes attending the neurofeedback sessions and has developed an affinity for Dr. Gaudimier, who is quite positive, patient and understanding. She has been a gift and blessing to our son and our family.“

Peachy, mother of S. - Geneva


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